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"How Deals Get Done Today" Wholesale Coaching

Want big paydays from wholesaling?
Want 'em fast?

Join our NEW coaching program: "How Deals Get Done Today."
It starts on June 8, with 
savings if you sign up early.

Also ideal for rehabbers and buy-and-hold investors who need deals.
Enrollment limited to 12 students.
No worries if you miss a session -- you'll get the recording.

Your coach: Joe Hartman, one of the 
Baltimore region's top wholesalers.

NEW!  Baltimore REIA and local wholesaling expert Joe Hartman have teamed up to bring you this powerful group coaching program.  

We call it "How Deals Get Done Today" because the market has changed.  Today's reality is what the program is all about:

-- How successful investors are finding deals today.

-- How to negotiate with an owner and get a contract signed to lock in the deal. 

-- How to assign that contract fast, so you get paid fast, typically in 30 days or less.

Imagine how you'll feel when you walk away from the settlement table with the check for your assignment fee.  That will be a wonderful TODAY!

You'll start with our popular recorded class,
for a foundation of wholesaling knowledge.

We'll send you the video recording of our full-day "Wholesaling for Fast Cash" class, complete with presentation slides and supporting documents.

IMPORTANT: Your support docs include the very contracts that Joe uses to do deals today.  You'll have what you need to put a property under contract and assign that contract.

You'll want to review the class before coaching starts.  That way you'll be up to speed instead of starting at zero, so you can make the most of your coaching sessions.

You'll get 6 group coaching sessions online from June through August.
It's best to attend live, but we'll record the sessions in case you miss one.

Each online session will include a brief presentation focusing on one aspect of wholesaling, then give you time for Q&A.  The goal is to take what you learn in the "Wholesaling for Fast Cash" class and help you start doing deals even faster.

The sessions are on the second and fourth Thursday of each month: June 8 and 22, July 13 and 27, and August 10 and 24.  They start at 7:00 p.m. and last 60 to 90 minutes.

If you have a vacation scheduled, or you miss a session for any other reason, no problem.  We'll send you the recording.  Plus, if you have a question between sessions, you'll have Joe's contact info.

Also on your coaching calls: veteran local investor David Page,
a rehabber who uses Joe's techniques to find deals.
(Buy-and-hold investors: those techniques are great for you, too.)

You may know David as the Marketing Director of Baltimore REIA.  He's also a rehabber who uses Joe's techniques to find properties to fix and flip. 

Plus, when David gets a lead on a property he doesn't want to rehab, he wholesales it for a quick payday of $10k, $20k, or more.

Buy-and-hold investors can do the same.  Wholesaling techniques are for everyone who needs deals.

 Sign up by June 7 to review the class before your first coaching session on June 8.  Act now and you'll save $600!
Easy payment plan, too.

The regular price of our "Wholesaling for Fast Cash" class is $397.  The price of "How Deals Get Done Today" coaching will be $1997 starting on June 8.  That's a total of $2394.

Sign up by June 7 and you'll get both class and coaching with 3 easy payments of $597, now and in 1 and 2 months.  That's a total of just $1791 -- a savings of over $600!

 Another reason to sign up now: to lock in your place.
Because this new coaching program is limited to 12 students,
to ensure you get the attention you deserve.

So many people ask us about wholesaling!  Newbies know it's a great way to get started in real estate, thanks to the low cost, low risk, and fast paydays.  Veterans want more deals and a proven way to boost income in an ever-changing market. 

Joe and David have observed a key difference between people who are successful at wholesaling and those who are unsuccessful.  The successful ones get educated, get out in the real world, and do the work! 

If you're ready to do that, we invite you to be one of our 12 students. 

 The order button below lets you take advantage of our payment plan, with 3 payments of $597, for a total of $1791, already a terrific value.  Click here if you'd rather make a single payment of $1591, for additional savings of $200.  As with the 3-payment plan, you must act by June 7. 

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