Why spend your life savings on mentoring with some national guru who doesn’t understand Baltimore? Or some local “expert” who hasn’t done a deal in years?

Instead, work with a full-time, local investor through Baltimore REIA Mentoring. Plus, our program is surprisingly affordable.

Why Baltimore REIA Mentoring? Because it pays!

Ryan Lim scored $38,433 on a wholesale deal:

PLEASE NOTE:  That check is for the actual assignment fee Ryan earned.  Beware of gurus who show you inflated results, like a $100,000 flipping profit that doesn’t account for the $90,000 in rehab and holding costs.  Baltimore REIA shows you only real numbers.

Marcella Fisher’s second wholesale deal earned her an $11,000 assignment fee.  (Her first fee was $2,000, still a check worth cashing.)

Jason Kolomick has built a rental portfolio in just a few years which generates enough passive income to replace his day job.

Myron Whitmore (right) started wholesaling with the help of his mentor Joe Hartman — and made $6,700 on his first deal.

What makes Baltimore REIA your best choice for mentoring? Whether you want to be a wholesaler, rehabber, or buy-and-hold investor, you get one-on-one help from a local expert, who shows you how to do deals and avoid costly mistakes!

Are you wondering how to get in the game — or get back in the game?

The game is real estate investing You win by making money. You lose by making mistakes — costly mistakes you could have avoided if only

if only you knew what really worked here in our area. That show you watched on HGTV? The one they filmed in California or wherever? It doesn’t mean squat here in Baltimore.

if only you didn’t get sucked in by some national guru who wanted $30,000, $50,000, or more of your money, leaving you no working capital. I can’t tell you how many people have come to us and said, “I spent all my money with so-and-so. Now what do I do?”

if only you had the right mentor. That means a local expert who is still a full-time, active investor, not a wannabe guru. Someone whose path you can follow while avoiding the pitfalls. Not some guy who hasn’t done a deal in years, and has decided to make a living by selling his so-called expertise to you.

David Page here, Executive Director of Baltimore REIA, says:  

"We’re proud of our successful mentees, like the ones you met above.  Now we invite you to consider Baltimore REIA Mentoring to help boost your success.  With one-on-one weekly sessions to help you hold yourself accountable and move relentlessly forward."

The availability of Baltimore REIA Mentoring is extremely limited.  Remember, our experts are all full-time, active investors.  To ensure they have the bandwidth to give you the attention you deserve, our mentoring program is limited to just a dozen people.  If you want to be one of those lucky few, it’s time to take action.

Click here to inquire about Baltimore REIA Mentoring and tell us a little about yourself. (If the link doesn’t work in your browser, reach us at Feedback@BaltimoreREIA.com.) That way we can better understand your situation, and help you determine how Baltimore REIA Mentoring can best help you.

After you contact us, we’ll get in touch with you, so be sure to provide your phone number.

As with any path to success, you must take the first step. I invite you to do that now.


David Page, Executive Director

P.S.  If you’re one of the folks who spent $50,000 on some guru’s program, don’t feel too bad.  Those guys are good salesmen.  They have to pay for those radio and TV ads somehow!  But now you can team up with Baltimore REIA for far less. Inquire now. (Feedback@BaltimoreREIA.com.)

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