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to help investors like you.

Founded by an investor more than 25 years ago, Baltimore REIA is the region’s premier investment club and serves more than 300 members. There’s no better place to get the education and networking you need to succeed.

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dark-blue-check-4An association of investors, for investors. Baltimore REIA is all about helping each other succeed. We are not a real estate school that charges you thousands of dollars, and we don’t ask you to reach into your wallet every month. The leaders of this club are active investors, and the club is not their full-time business. It’s a way of giving back, sharing knowledge, and networking so everybody wins.

dark-blue-check-4The perfect combination of national speakers and local expertise. We sometimes bring in nationally renowned guest speakers who offer educational programs, which you may choose to purchase or not. Most presentations are by our own local experts, who have nothing to sell but plenty to offer.

dark-blue-check-4Several meetings a month to choose from. There’s our big General Meeting, the Meal ‘n’ Deal, Strategies Meetings, and a women’s-only meeting. Check the events column at the left.

dark-blue-check-4The good reputation of Baltimore REIA. We’re proud to help people succeed, and to serve the real estate investor community in the highest ethical and professional manner. Go ahead, ask around. People will tell you Baltimore REIA is the place to be.

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