This powerful program includes our 6 core classes, exclusive group conference calls and meetings, and one-on-one mentoring form our local experts.

Contact any of us for more info or to sign up:

Joe Dimaggio 410-365-9696

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Mentoring provided by your Baltimore REIA leaders (left to right) Joe Dimaggio, Bill Fell, and David Page, plus the class instructors and meeting moderators shown below. 12 full-time professionals in all!

You want it, you got it!  Here’s the Mentoring Program you’ve wanted… the program only Baltimore REIA could provide… because only Baltimore REIA brings you such a roster of local experts who know not only real estate investing, but also the ups and downs, ins and outs of our regional market.

Real estate investing can reap you big rewards.  But there’s often big money at stake, and big risks.  The best way to reduce risks: know what you’re doing and — just as important — team up with other people who have been there and done that… people who can help you find the right direction and steer you away from mistakes that cost time and money. 

Your mentoring will last for 6 months.  Half a year is the right amount of time to get up to speed and build momentum.  Not too slow.  Not too fast.  Just right for soaking it all in and taking action. 

What you get with this new Mentoring Program  

The main thing you want: truly personal, one-on-one mentoring

Want a pair of more experienced eyes to review the numbers on a deal you’re thinking about? 

Want someone to visit a property with you — someone who likely has bought a similar property and knows what to look for — the advantages and the landmines?

Want to consult with an expert on tax strategies or property management?

Our mentors will be here to help you, with a generous number of hours budgeted just for you.  That’s the main reason we’re limiting this new program to just 20 mentees: to ensure you get the attention you deserve.

Who are your mentors?  The full-time professionals who moderate our meetings and teach our classes.   

Additional support with exclusive group conference calls and meetings

Twice a month you’ll be invited to group conference calls.  Some will have a guest speaker and focus on a specific topic, but most will focus on you, so you can ask questions and get answers. 

Once a month we’ll meet in person in the Baltimore metro area, so we can hold each other accountable and offer mutual support. 

Yes, we’ll hold you accountable, and you’ll hold us accountable to provide maximum value.  If there’s a topic you want us to address on a conference call or at a meeting, let us know.

Our 6 core classes for a solid educational foundation

We’ve offered some terrific classes over the years, and our members have told us they want more.  So we’ve put together a core curriculum of 6 classes that will be scheduled over the first 6 months of 2015.  Including: 

Start Me Up.”  Bill Fell, the “Big Dog” of Baltimore REIA, has presented this class many times, and it just keeps getting better.  It’s a full weekend of full immersion in the business basics of real estate investing: contracts, insurance, financing, you name it.  You leave this course with the knowledge and documents you need to do your first deal.  Learn more about it here.

“Street-Smart Investing Strategies for Creating Wealth and Cashflow Now.”  It’s a long title for a one-day class, but this class packs a lot into one day!  “Lucky Larry” Blizzard and Baltimore REIA Executive Director Joe DiMaggio show you how to find deals, negotiate with sellers, and get a property under control.  Includes live calls to actual seller leads!  Learn more about it here.

 The Real Estate Rental Cash Machine” with Janet Tonkins and Denise Uhrin.  Janet is “The Baltimore Real Estate Diva” with nearly 100 properties in her rental portfolio.  Denise is a property manager with a growing portfolio of her own.  Together they’ll show you how to find properties, rehab them economically, and rent them quickly for huge cashflow. Learn more about it here.

 “Rehabbing for Big Rewards.”  Rehabbers Chuck Edwards and David Page have flipped more than 100 properties between them.  Learn their tips for choosing a good property to rehab, what renovations to make (and how to avoid over-improving), red flags to watch out for, and deciding whether or not to be your own general contractor. Learn more about this class.

“Smart Tax Strategies.”  CPA Jeff Cohen helps you minimize your tax burden, starting with choosing the right business entity for your investing strategy.  It has big implications for protecting you against liability, too.  The majority of Jeff’s clients are real estate investors, so he knows our business as well as his. Learn more about it here.

 Jack KileyAll About Funding.”  Gary Kenner and Jack Kiley team up to show you the money you need to do deals.  Gary is an experienced lender and an investor in his own right.  Jack is the managing partner of MidAtlantic IRA, a self-directed IRA custodian.  Together they’ll show you how to tap into other people’s money – from banks, hard money lenders, and private people (including folks you already know), to help give you a richer lifestyle now and a more comfortable retirement. Watch for details on this class.

What if you can’t attend one of the classes? No problem. You can take the class when it repeats later in the year.

What if you’ve already taken a class? Take it again! Every class is worth taking twice, and our instructors update their content to keep it fresh.

Even more mentors to work with you

In addition to our class instructors, two of the full-time professionals who moderate our monthly meetings will be available to help you:  

Addy Watson and Michelle Yang. Addy is a realtor who understands and actually likes working with investors — imagine that! Whether you’re buying or selling, she’s great at doing accurate comps and advising you on what features are most wanted by buyers.

Michelle is a full-time property manager who can help you determine what your buy-and-hold properties will rent for… how to qualify tenants… how to make sure your properties meet code… and much more.  

Have you been counting? That’s a dozen mentors in all!

More great reasons to choose this program

It’s professional without being slick


Will you get generous support materials with each of our classes?  Of course. Will you get a bunch of glossy brochures or custom-created binders full of CDs with fancy labels?  No.  Slick costs money.  Why would you want to pay for slick?  We’re keeping this program affordable instead.

You won’t get overwhelmed with technology 

We will not tell you to set up a website that supposedly attracts a bazillion leads.  Instead you’ll learn proven ways to find motivated sellers and negotiate with real human beings.
Nor will we tell you how to build a buyers list of 500 or 5,000 people.  If you’re a wholesaler, all you need is about 5 buyers who can close, and you need to know what they want.  How do you sell your deals?  With a phone call.
How else will your instructors and mentors help you get smarter?  You’ll learn:
– The importance of looking at neighborhoods block by block.  Because a profitable property on one block is a money pit on another block.  You need mentors to help protect you from a bad deal that can kill your investing career in its infancy.


How to turn an iffy deal into a good deal.  You can pay almost any price a seller asks — if you set the terms.  How do you do that?  You’ll find out.

What rehabbing costs.  Everyone needs to know basic rehabbing numbers. Wholesalers need to make offers that allow a profit for themselves and their rehab buyers… buy-and-hold investors typically rehab their properties… and rehabbers themselves certainly need to know what they’re doing.  Do you know what you’re doing?

Another cost every investor needs to know: the cost of money.  How much does hard money cost you?  Not just points and interest, but actual dollars?

How does that compare with money from your Aunt Marge, who may have a surprising amount of money earning less than 1% in the bank and who would be delighted to lend it to you for 8% or 10%?

What if you knew how to help your friends convert their old 401k’s into self-directed IRAs so they could lend to you or become equity partners?

Even wealthy investors run out of their own money and need to use other people’s money.  How do you convince other people to be confident in you?

We won’t waste your time or insult your intelligence 

Do you need us to tell you about quitting your day job someday and having a lifestyle of financial freedom?   Or have you figured out that goal for yourself?

Do you need us to motivate you by showing you a big check that some other investor received?  Or would you rather jump right in and learn how to get a big check of your own?

Should we say that you can become a successful real estate investor in just 5 hours a week?  Or should we tell you truth?  This program takes 10 hours a week, minimum, and 20 hours a week is better.

You are about to start a new business.  You will be competing with full-time professionals who have been in the market and doing this for years.  

Is success guaranteed?  No.  Is success achievable?  Yes — with the right education and the right ongoing support.  There are enough deals for you to get your share — if you know what you’re doing.

Who this Mentoring Program is for

The program is ideal for new investors who want to get real estate investing right – right from the start.  You’ll learn what has worked for others and — just as important — you’ll learn about the expensive mistakes they have made but you will avoid.

It’s also excellent for investors with modest experience who want to explore new strategies, learn from others, and become even more successful.

Frankly, if you’ve read this far, this program is probably right for you.  

How much does it cost?

We hope you didn’t jump the gun and scroll down to this part.  If so, please go back and read the whole email.  You need to understand how much value we’ve packed into this program.

Perhaps you’ve looked into real estate education elsewhere.  It usually costs $20,000 to $50,000 or even more.  One guy told us he spent $100,000 on education and still hadn’t done a deal.

Stories like that make us sad — and mad!  What good is knowledge without action?  So we set up this new program to help you get educated and get going on the way to your successful investing career.

Before we tell you how much this program costs, or perhaps we should say how little (because it’s far less than the amounts shown above), we want to talk with you.  As affordable as this program is, it still isn’t for everyone.  It requires not only money, but time and commitment.

Remember, this program is limited to 20 mentees.  We don’t want a person who won’t take action to squeeze out someone who would.  We want doers to call.  And if you are a doer…  

Contact one of your Baltimore REIA leaders right now:

Joe Dimaggio 410-365-9696

Bill Fell 410-365-9357

David Page 410-274-3295

Let’s find out if this new Mentoring Program is right for you.  If we both agree that it is, you’ll be able to sign up, right over the phone.

You’ll have a choice of payment plans, too.

Of course, if you need more time to think about it, you won’t have to commit during the call.  There won’t be any hard sell.

But remember: we will accept only 20 mentees.

Here’s hoping you’ll be one of them.

Best wishes for your success,

Joe, Bill, and David

P.S.  One more thing our new Mentoring Program gives you: the Baltimore REIA “Peace of Mind” Promise.  We’ll tell you about it when we talk.