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Saturday and Sunday, August 16 and 17, 9:00 to 5:00
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  • For new investors who want to jump-start their careers

  • For veterans who want to brush up on the basics and gain new ideas

  • For previous attendees who want to take the class again for half-price If you attended Bill’s “Start Me Up” course last fall, or his previous course called “Basics and Beyond,” you know how much content Bill delivers. One student said, “It’s like trying to drink from a fire hose.” So Bill lets students attend again for half-price. Contact Bill at 410-365-9357 or and he’ll help you with discounted payment — assuming space is still available.

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Bill Fell’s “Start Me Up” course is two full days in one learning-packed weekend. The Big Dog of Baltimore REIA gives you his insights on:

arrow-6  Using a financial calculator.  Learn to compute mortgage payments and other variables.  Don’t have such a calculator?  No problem, Bill gives you a free one!

arrow-6  Contracts.  The real estate board’s monster version vs. the streamlined version you can use with a homeowner.  Plus addenda, assignments, and Fannie’s rules.

arrow-6  Mortgages.  Using ’em to your advantage (hint: seller financing), what’s recorded.

arrow-6  Notes.  Purchase money notes vs. promissory notes, and why it matters.

arrow-6  Ground rents.  Investing in Baltimore?  You’ve gotta understand these.

arrow-6  Entity selection.  LLCs, S-corps, etc.  What’s best for rehabbing vs. buy-and-hold.

arrow-6  Dealer vs. investor status.  The IRS cares, so you’d better know the difference.

arrow-6  Flipping fast and slow: wholesaling and rehabbing.  Determining after-rehab value (ARV), the long formula vs. the 65% rule, evaluation of comps, the cost of money.

arrow-6  Comparable market vs. income approach to ARV.  Which applies to your deal?

arrow-6  Funding.  Hard money, private money, family money, seller financing.

arrow-6  Insurance.  No snoozing during this part!  You need to know about builder’s risk for your rehab, standard vs. enhanced title insurance, and more.

arrow-6  That all-important credibility kit.  Because building trust builds your power.

You will leave this course with the knowledge and tools to do your first deal or make your next deal better.  Including the FREE financial calculator!

Add a graduation certificate from Bill's class to your real estate credentials.

Add a graduation certificate from Bill’s class to your real estate credentials.

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Location: Bill’s classroom at 3241 O’Donnell St.,
Baltimore, MD 21224 (the Canton area).

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