Meet your Baltimore REIA team.

Our meeting moderators, class instructors, and other team members are dedicated to your success.  Put their knowledge and real-world experience to work for you.

Joe DiMaggio, Executive Director

Born and raised in Baltimore, Joe left the corporate world in 1987 to become a full-time real estate investor. He buys, sells, and holds single- and multi-family dwellings. He’s a hard money lender, too, who not only provides funding but shares knowledge.

In the 1980s, Joe founded the organization that eventually became Baltimore REIA. Through networking, education and motivation, the REIA helps people become financially independent by investing in real estate. Over the years, Joe and his association have been proud to serve the real estate investor community in the highest ethical and professional manner.


David Page

David Page, Marketing Director and Meal ‘n’ Deal Co-Moderator

David started his real estate investing career in 2007 after reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad. He was a free-lance advertising writer at the time, with 30 years in the ad business, and he liked the idea of being an investor instead of just “owning a job” as a self-employed professional.

While David still writes advertising, his main focus is now real estate. He owns a dozen rental properties in the Pittsburgh area. Here in Baltimore City and County, he has rehabbed and sold many properties. David is always looking for a deal and is happy to discuss real estate with new investors.


Janet Tonkins, Savvy Women Investors Meeting (SWIM) Moderator

“The Baltimore Real Estate Diva” is a 35-year retiree of Verizon Communications and president of A*R*T* Enterprises, LLC, a family-owned real estate venture named to honor her deceased mother, mother-in-law, and aunt.

Janet has bought, sold and rehabbed nearly 100 homes and apartment buildings, and managed over $2.5 million dollars in investment properties in Baltimore, MD; Patterson, NJ; and Jacksonville, FL. She moderates the monthly women’s meeting for Baltimore REIA.


Michelle Yang, Membership Coordinator and Strategies Landlording Co-Moderator

Michelle has always been a “people person.” She earned Associate Degrees in English and Tourism in her hometown of Beijing, China. After coming to the U.S. in 1997, she got a degree and a job in computer science, but soon she and her husband enrolled in a local real estate school, and her investing career took off.

Michelle believes that building long-term residual income is the way to financial freedom. While growing her portfolio, she has found her new passion in property management. Her stringent screening procedures improve cashflow by reducing turnovers and evictions. Today Michelle, and her husband have bought, rehabbed, sold, and managed millions of dollars’ worth of real estate. Next step: apartment complexes.

Gary Kenner

Gary Kenner, Strategies Harford Co-Moderator

Gary has spent his entire career in real estate, including a business degree in real estate development and a 30-year corporate career managing over $1 billion in assets. He has completed more than 500 deals, mostly commercial, and since 2008 has focused on his own investments, with a diverse portfolio in four states.

Gary continues to complete 60 to 100 deals a year. He is a hard money lender, commercial loan broker, and licensed realtor. Today he is primarily a syndicator of large deals for Mobile Home Communities and Assisted Living Facilities. His mission is to provide affordable housing and financial services.


Larry Blizzard, Strategies Harford Co-Moderator

“Lucky Larry” has been a full-time real estate entrepreneur for over 20 years. He buys, renovates, and sells quality homes, and he holds a sizable portfolio of rental properties in Carroll and Baltimore Counties and Baltimore City. Larry is known as the “kitchen table negotiator” for developing the fine art of creating fantastic deals with homeowners.



Chuck Edwards, Strategies South Co-Moderator

Chuck honed his rehabbing skills in Florida, then came to Baltimore, where he has continued his successful rehabbing career. Chuck has rehabbed nearly 100 properties, sometimes by acting as his own general contractor, sometimes doing much of the work himself, and other times by hiring contractors. He knows all the ins, outs, ups, and downs of rehabbing.



Addy Watson, Strategies South Co-Moderator

Addy is a veteran realtor who enjoys working with investors. She provides accurate comps for investors who are buying and selling properties… teaches investors how to do their own comps… finds suitable properties for investors who want to rehab or buy-and-hold… and helps investors sell their properties.



Denise Uhrin, Strategies Landlording Co-Moderator

Denise is a property manager for others and an experienced buy-and-hold investor in her own right. She buys properties at a discount… knows how to get the most for her money when rehabbing properties to rent… and generates exceptional cashflow from each property.



Jack Kiley, Strategies IRA Moderator

Both a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a Certified IRA Services Professional (CISP), Jack is an entrepreneur, financial planner, real estate investor, and partner in MidAtlantic IRA, LLC. He brings to the table over 25 years of experience in public accounting, with extensive knowledge in developing tax, retirement, and financial planning strategies.

Jack feels strongly about his clients’ having the ability to self-direct their retirement. He speaks in plain English about complex concepts, such as the scenarios for real estate purchases, mortgages, leases, and other cash flows that the IRS allows in an individual retirement plan.



Jeff Cohen, CPA, MST, “Smart Tax Strategies” Instructor

Jeff has over 20 years of public accounting experience and a Masters in Taxation from the University of Baltimore. He’s a member of the Maryland Association of Certified Public Accountants and is on their Nonprofit Tax Committee. He also serves on the board of several local charitable organizations. He is now with Katz|Cohen, LLC.


Bill Fell, Instructor

Bill grew up in the Highlandtown area of Baltimore City. In the 1970s he founded a pest control company that represented Montgomery Ward to thousands of customers. He also purchased hundreds of single-family houses and apartment buildings in the region. Today Bill is semi-retired but still invests in real estate, both locally and out of state, and he remains a licensed real estate broker. Bill enjoys teaching the many strategies of real estate investing.

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Mimmo La Marra, Social Media Director and Meal ‘n’ Deal Co-Moderator

Before moving to the U.S., Mimmo was a realtor and rehabber in Italy.  He works full-time as an IT security engineer and has been wholesaling and rehabbing properties part-time since 2013.  Mimmo joined Baltimore REIA in REIA in 2013 and stepped up to become Social Media Director in 2014.

Dave Wandel photo 2

Dave Wandel, Strategies South Co-Moderator

Dave is the founder and CEO of Charis Contractors, specializing in roofing since 1991.  He added real estate investing to his business in 2007, and in 2015 became a full-time investor, thanks in part to knowledge gained at Baltimore REIA.  Dave’s holdings are in Alabama, Tennessee, and all around Maryland.