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Here’s what attendees enjoyed at our previous meeting:
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Searching for a better road to retirement?  Discover the power of a self-directed Solo 401k at our next…
Strategies IRA Meeting

  Jack Kiley

Presented by John “Jack” F. Kiley, CPA, CISP, Managing Partner, MidAtlantic IRA, LLC
Join us at Ocean Pride restaurant in Lutherville on Tuesday, July 25, from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m.
You’ve probably heard about self-directed IRAs, and indeed they’re terrific.  But if you want an even faster road to a comfortable retirement, check out a self-directed Solo 401k.
At our next Strategies IRA Meeting, Jack Kiley will show you the power of this investment vehicle.  You’ll discover:
  • The advantages of the Solo 401k over other retirement plan options.
  • The wealth-building potential of the Solo 401k for business owners.
  • The basics of how a Solo 401k works, such as the generous contribution limits, and how to get started.
No one cares more about your retirement than you do.  Discover how you can take control with a self-directed Solo 401k.  
About the Strategies IRA meeting
WHEN:  The last Tuesday of each month from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.
WHERE:  Ocean Pride restaurant, 1534 York Rd., Lutherville, MD, 21093.  About a mile north of Beltway exit 26.  (Map.)
EVERYONE PAYS FOR HIS OR HER OWN MEAL.  The restaurant will give you a separate check for your meal.  Please plan to order food so we can continue to meet at this venue.    
ADMISSION TO THE MEETING IS FREE FOR BALTIMORE REIA MEMBERS.  Non-members pay $19 to help support our meeting and marketing costs.  You can pay at the door, but why not spend less time in line and more time networking?  Sign up now:
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 See you at the Strategies IRA meeting!
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