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Here’s what attendees enjoyed at our previous meeting:


LISTEN UP!  If you want a successful buy-and-hold business, come hear the 7 insider tips from a top property manager at our next…
Strategies Harford Meeting 
Monday, October 2, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

510 Johnny’s, 510 Marketplace Dr. (next to Target), Bel Air, MD 21014
Mary Jo Whelan
Special presentation by Mary Jo Whelan, Property Manager, McGinley Group
FREE admission for Baltimore REIA members.  Just $19 for non-members.
Everyone pays for his or her own meal. 

A typical Strategies Harford Meeting.
Knowledge, networking, food, and fun!
What are the requirements for building a successful buy-and-hold business?
Nobody in Baltimore knows better than property manager Mary Jo Whelan.  She has helped many investors successfully manage and build their rental portfolios.
At our next Strategies Harford Meeting, Mary Jo will share 7 insider tips with you, including:
  1. How to determine your true total costs.  So you have positive cashflow at the end of the month.
  2. Understanding the Fair Housing Act.  So you don’t discriminate… don’t get caught by secret government testers… and don’t get fined!
  3. How to screen potential tenants.  Get this right to minimize hassles and turnovers.
  4. How to deal with unpaid rent and other tenant problems.  In a word: quickly.
  5. When to inspect your rental property.  And how to deal with repairs fast so problems don’t grow.
  6. The importance of being good to your tenants.  Mary Jo will explain her “Friendly but Firm” philosophy.
  7. You don’t expect us to give you every tip in this email, do you?  Attend the meeting! 
About your presenter.  Mary Jo Whelan is a veteran property manager with the McGinley Group and a successful buy-and-hold investor in her own right.  She’s also a moderator of our monthly Strategies Landlording Meeting.
Don’t miss these 7 essential insider tips from a top local expert.  Come and boost your buy-and-hold success!
About the Strategies Harford meeting
One of several satellite meetings from Baltimore REIA, Strategies Harford typically brings you a presentation by one or more local experts.  You’ll learn plenty from other investors in the room as well.   
We started this meeting for the convenience of our friends to the north in Harford County.  Thanks to the quality of the presentations, attendees come from far and wide, so arrive early and network.  You may even do a deal here!
DATE AND AGENDA:  The meeting is from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on the first Monday of every month.   
COST:  The restaurant will give you a separate check for your meal.  Admission to the meeting is FREE for Baltimore REIA members. 
Non-members pay $19 to help support our meeting and marketing costs.  You can pay at the door, but why not spend less time in line and more time networking?  Sign up now:
To avoid the non-member charge and gain many other benefits, join Baltimore REIA now.  Take our $1 Test-Drive for 30 days, or sign up for a full year for just $197 and get FREE access to the content of $197 worth of DVDs from our own experts.
QUESTIONS?  Contact our meeting moderators, all full-time investors in the Baltimore area:
Gary Kenner and Larry Blizzard
See you at the Strategies Harford meeting!
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