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Stacks of One Hundred Dollar Bills with Small House. 
Do you really want to succeed with real estate investing? Take this class! 
“Start Me Up”
Your instructor: Bill Fell,
an investor for over 45 years
For new investors who want to jump-start their careers… for veterans who want to better understand the basics and gain new ideas… for anyone who wants to get ahead — and get there faster!
Saturday, February 17,
9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. 
Best Western Plus Hotel and Conference Center, 5625 O’Donnell St., Baltimore, MD 21224 (at the Baltimore Travel Plaza)
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Real Estate Master
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How much can you learn about real estate investing in one day? You will be amazed at the knowledge you gain from Bill Fell, the “Big Dog” of Baltimore REIA.
Rentals, rehabs, wholesaling — Bill has done all that and more, with hundreds of deals to his name over a career that spans decades.
For several years now, Bill has shared his knowledge with Baltimore REIA members and friends.  He created and taught the first class we ever offered.  That class evolved to become “Start Me Up.”  
The one thing all real estate deals have in common
What does every deal involve?  Numbers.  That’s why they’re the focus of Bill’s class.  He helps you truly understand your costs… avoid financial pitfalls… open your mind to creative financing… and gain confidence to do deals.
Not a math whiz?  No worries.  Bill makes it easy.  He even gives you a FREE financial calculator and shows you how to use it.
Better than ever
Every time Bill teaches “Start Me Up,” he tweaks it to make it even better.  This streamlined class packs an enormous amount of information into one day.  You’ll explore: 
  • Four purchase money notes (not to be confused with promissory notes).  Zero interest, simple interest, amortization, collateral — Bill takes you through all the variables.
    You’ll learn about confessed judgments, substitution of collateral, insurance, and surety bonds, too.
    All the paperwork is included.  This information alone is worth the cost of the class.
  • How to qualify a buyer or tenant.  If you leave this important task to your agent or manager, your sale could fall through or your rental income could stop.  Bill shows you how to do the front- and back-end ratios and help protect your interest.
  • Rehabbing to flip.  How to work with sellers… what to do when you can’t sell the rehabbed property… and the debt coverage ratio needed to refinance.
    Plus, getting around Fannie Mae’s 120%/90-day rule (to avoid getting stuck with a stalled rehab)… 2 types of proof-of-funds letters… when negative cash flow is good for some investors… and more.
  • “The One Formula” for purchasing rental properties.  Forget about cap rates.  From single properties to multi-units, “The One Formula” is your simple, foolproof formula to build a rental portfolio for passive income.
    Hint: Bill’s formula has you add your profit as an expense, not an afterthought.
  • How to pay a seller what he wants — and still get a deal that works for you.  As Bill explains, you can pay virtually any price if you set the terms.  Don’t let a stubborn seller’s price demand stop you.  Get creative and get that deal!
Are you seeing the value here?  This class is not only a must for beginners, it offers techniques that many advanced investors don’t know about. 
  • Bill’s 170-page workbook to reinforce and expand upon the class.
  • FREE BONUS!  Bill’s 130-page “vault” of documents and addenda to use with your offers.  Includes 9 pages of tenant’s rights affidavits (a must for Baltimore City landlords) and an LLC operating agreement.
  • No extra charge for the strength-training benefits you’ll get from lifting these binders.  Bigger biceps = bigger profits!
 Here’s what a few of Bill’s students have said about this class…
My mind is blown, thank you! — Jason
Very informative and eye-opening. — Evelyn
Your class helped me expand my knowledge of “out of the box” financing. — Rob
I now have the confidence and knowledge to take action on real estate opportunities! — Cory 
I would recommend this class to anyone choosing real estate investing as a means of building wealth. — Joanne
Great class for seasoned or beginning investors. You are being taught by someone who has done it. — Mark
Presentation is excellent. The truth and reality of what you always imagined come out clear. — Bola
The information covered in this course is absolutely priceless! The blinders have been removed! — Rafael
The information discussed has already saved me $2,000, and I haven’t even left the classroom. — Carter
Very good weekend. Picked up some new things and stuff I forgot from years ago. — Steve 
 No wonder so many people have added a “Start Me Up” graduation certificate to their real estate investing credentials.


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Includes your spouse or life partner at no extra charge.  (Business partner pays full fee.)
If you took this class before, take it again at a big discount.  Get Bill’s latest info and updated handouts. 
Please note: $1 test-drive members are not
eligible for member pricing on classes. 
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