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Here’s what attendees enjoyed at our previous meeting:

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Whether you flip properties or buy and hold them, there’s a lender who wants YOUR business.  Come and learn about it at our next…
Savvy Women Investors Meeting
Special presentation by Brent McGraw, Vice President of Lending at MECU
Join us on Wednesday, October 4, 6:30 p.m., at the Fuji Buffet and Grill, 1012 Taylor Ave., Towson, MD 21286.  (Map)
FREE admission for
Baltimore REIA members. 
Just $19 for non-members.

Everyone pays for their own meal.

Need funding for your real estate investing?  Unless you are independently wealthy, the answer is YES!
At our next Savvy Women Investors Meeting (SWIM), Brent McGraw of MECU will show you what his investor-friendly credit union has to offer you.  MECU is eager to lend to both rehabbers and buy-and-hold investors.  Brent’s presentation will cover:
  • How to approach a lender for financing
  • What a lender likes to see and doesn’t like to see from an applicant (how to impress a lender with your organizational skills)
  • Loan to cost vs. loan to value
  • How to properly structure a construction draw schedule
  • Contractors: bonded vs. non-bonded
  • One-time closing products vs. hard money and refinancing once seasoned
  • Reserves vs. liquidity: what lenders look for
  • Calculating subject property cash flow coverage and global cash flow coverage
  • Terms and conditions to close
Your meeting moderator Janet Tonkins, “The Baltimore Real Estate Diva,” has just inked a half-million-dollar lending deal with MECU.  Come SWIM with Janet and discover what MECU can do for you.
About your presenter.  Brent McGraw is a commercial lender with MECU, a credit union and portfolio lender.  Having joined MECU in 2015, and with over 20 years of local banking experience, he offers the experience and knowledge to design solutions for a variety of financial needs, including “out of the box” solutions that typically don’t meet other financial institutions’ guidelines.    
Ladies, the Savvy Women Investors Meeting was created especially for you.
Offering knowledge, support, food, and fun, SWIM is perfect for newbies seeking the path to success… experienced investors striving for the next level… and all women who are eager to learn and network.  Join us!  (Men may attend if there’s room.)
Everyone must buy a meal.  The restaurant needs to make money, just as we investors do.
Admission is FREE for Baltimore REIA members.
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QUESTIONS?  Contact Janet Tonkins, SWIM Coordinator, at 410-243-9927 or  
Janet also teaches our “Real Estate Rental Cash Machine” class.  Check it out.
See you at SWIM!
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