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Want to own a property that gives you money like an ATM? How about a dozen properties — or a hundred? Learn how in this cutting-edge class:

“The Real Estate Rental 
ash Machine”

Your Instructor: Janet Tonkins, 
“The Baltimore Real Estate Diva”

Saturday, December 2, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Best Western Plus Hotel & Conference Center, 5625 O’Donnell Street, Baltimore, MD 21224

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Veteran local landlord Janet Tonkins shows you how she’s building income and wealth for today and for years to come — and how you can do the same.   


You’ve probably seen TV shows or heard from national real estate gurus about the benefits of owning rental property.  Yes, those benefits are real.  Rental income can improve your lifestyle today and help you retire comfortably — even early. 


What those gurus don’t tell you is how investing in rental property works right here in the Baltimore metro area.  What the numbers look like here.  Which neighborhoods are good here.


Now local expert Janet Tonkins offers her hard-earned knowledge to you.  Her class is packed with vital information and case studies that make the lessons come alive.  The full day of content includes:


Why rental properties

  • Do you want cashflow for passive income ?  Tax benefits?  A higher net worth?  Tax-free money from refinancing?  A career change?  Generational wealth?  You’ve come to the right class!
  • What it takes to succeed: attitude, discipline, the right team
  • How profitable it can be: $100k a year?  $250k a year?  Yes!  It takes time, but it’s doable.

Finding and funding your rentals

  • 21 ways to find rental properties
  • Determining how much rental properties cost: purchase, rehab, holding costs, etc
  • How to make offers on foreclosures — offers that work for both you and the bank
  • 13 ways to find the money to finance your business
  • Creative financing and how it can help you make more profit on a deal… or get a deal you’d otherwise miss… or both!
  • The secret technique for buying with no money down — okay, not really a secret, but hardly anyone thinks of it 

Minimizing risk  

  • Evaluating your rentals — determining your formula and sticking with it
  • Buying below market value — the key to equity from day one
  • Buying in the right area — an area that should stay right — that is, not be declining
  • Having reserves — yes, you can leverage your money with debt, but don’t go overboard — stuff happens!
  • The one risk you should never take
  • Getting the lead out (a multi-million-dollar liability issue, and not just in Baltimore City)

Boosting your return  

  • Rehabbing a property to get more rent  (Granite in a rental?  You may be surprised.)
  • Slashing your taxes — why pay more than you have to?
  • Subsidized housing vs. market rent — myths get busted here
  • Refinancing a property, taking out extra cash, and using it to buy more rentals — again and again and again and again…

And much more

  • Building your team — the players you must have on your bench
  • Property management — choosing and keeping tenants
  • Who does the management: you or a company you hire 
  • Showcasing your property for a fast “yes” from a desirable tenant
  • Tenant evaluation — how to weed out the bad ones fast, and how to screen the good ones so you know they’re really good
  • Tenant move-in tips: how to handle utilities, trash cans, etc.
  • How you can personally fixed clogged toilets at 3:00 a.m. — not!  You’ll hire people to handle this.

Do you see your future here?  A future of massive, passive income, with rent arriving every month.  It can be your future — if you gain the knowledge to make it a reality.  Step one: take this class.


  About your instructor: 


Janet Tonkins, “The Baltimore Real Estate Diva,” is a 35-year veteran of Verizon Communications and president of A*R*T Enterprises, LLC.  She has bought, sold, and rehabbed nearly 100 homes and apartment buildings, and managed over $8.5 million in investment properties from New Jersey to Maryland to Florida.  Janet moderates the monthly Savvy Women Investors Meeting for Baltimore REIA.

Let this veteran landlord help you create a Real Estate Rental Cash Machine of your very own! 

Sign up now and lock in your place! 


Spouses and life partners attend at no extra charge. 

If you took the class before, take it again at a big discount!


Please note: $1 test-drive members are not eligible for member pricing on classes

Special value for those who want to take the class again:


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