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“Rehabbing for Big Rewards”  
Your instructors: Chuck Edwards and David Page, rehabbers of more than 100 houses  
Saturday, March 11, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., intensive training in the classroom. Best Western Plus Hotel & Conference Center, 5625 O’Donnell St., Baltimore, MD 21224.
Sunday, March 12, 1:00 to 5:00 p.m., visits to properties to put your new knowledge to work!

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Who needs to know rehabbing?  You do!  Because virtually everyone in the real estate business needs to understand the fundamentals of rehabbing.
Wholesalers need to know what rehabbers do, in order to get a house under contract at a price where both parties make money.
Buy-and-hold investors need to know rehabbing, because most of the properties you buy will need a rehab — and today’s renters are fussier than ever.
And of course, rehabbers themselves need to know what they’re doing.  Because the paydays can be big, but so are the risks.
Good news!  Chuck Edwards and David Page have teamed up to share their rehab knowledge with you — knowledge earned at a huge expense in time and money — so you can get up to speed fast for a modest amount of money.
Chuck is a veteran rehabber who started in Florida and moved to Baltimore a few years ago.  David has been rehabbing exclusively in the Baltimore metro area for the past 5 years.  With more than 100 rehabbed houses between them, Chuck and David have been there, done that, and bought the sump pump.
Here’s what we’ll explore on Saturday
  • Why you may want to rehab: expected paydays… a bad reason to rehab… a bonus reason 
  • Tough love: the truth about rehabbing… the risks… the ups and downs… it’s a job
  • Where to rehab — including the single biggest mistake newbies make
  • What kinds of houses to rehab, and what kinds to avoid — hint: you want a house that has “the right things wrong with it”
  • How to work with contractors — and what to do when you find yourself working against a contractor — from hiring to firing
  • The scope of work — how much detail do you need?
  • The draw schedule — how much to pay and when — including when not to pay
  • Contractor’s lien release and warranty
  • Being your own general contractor — advantages and disadvantages — are you ready for it?
  • What insurance you need, and what contractors need
  • Licensing: who needs it?
  • Permits: where and when do you need ’em?
  • Estimating rehab costs — the second biggest area where newbies make mistakes — why you must be able to do it fast
  • What to do in your rehab — what not to do — where to spend your money — whose opinion matters — with plenty of photos show you exactly what sells
  • Crunching the numbers: the quick formula vs. the long way
  • To stage or not to stage?
  • Dealing with the buyer’s inspection addendum
  • Finding deals, funding deals, and choosing a business entity.  The primary emphasis on this class is the rehab itself, but we will touch on these other areas.  We strongly urge you to take other Baltimore REIA courses for a well-rounded education in real estate investing.
Complete with documents
The extensive handout for this course includes an appendix with:
  • Formula for calculating offers 
  • Property intake/rehab estimating sheet 
  • Scope of work 
  • Checklist from closing to closing 
  • Independent contractor agreement 
  • Workers Comp form 
  • W-9 and 1099 
  • Lien release and warranty 
  • Form for firing a contractor  
Explore properties on Sunday 
We’ll visit properties so you can can put your new knowledge to work.  We’ll discuss what needs to be done, and you can practice estimating repairs.  You might even buy one of the properties to do your first rehab!  
What previous attendees have said
Is “Rehabbing for Big Rewards” worth your time and money?  Take it from a couple of previous attendees:
“I would suggest anyone who is looking to rehab and wants success to take this course.  The presenters know the market and what sells.  The knowledge they’ve shared will get a new investor, and investors looking to elevate their game to the next level, on the right track.” 
— Cory Hudson
“No hype, just extremely useful knowledge and tips that you could use to create a quality home.  All the documents will help to organize and streamline the rehab process.  It was also enlightening to hear two investor rehabbers that have reached their goals but sometimes follow different approaches.  I liked the banter between David and Chuck.  Kept things lively.”
— Michelle Shultz
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