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 Want to become a millionaire with real estate investing? Learn from 2 guys who know how to get there!
“Millionaire Secrets for Creating Wealth and Cashflow”
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Your class instructors: Joe DiMaggio, Executive Director of Baltimore REIA, and Larry Blizzard, both veteran investors.
Saturday, January 20, 2018, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., at the Best Western Plus Hotel & Conference Center, 5625 O’Donnell St., Baltimore, MD 21224.  Doors open at 8:30.

Includes live calls to sellers
right in the class!
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Local investors Joe DiMaggio and Larry Blizzard reveal the millionaire secrets they’ve used to create serious wealth and cashflow.

What exactly is a millionaire?  Someone who has a net worth of at least one million dollars.  Could that be you?  Do some wholesaling and rehabbing… own some rentals… and you’re there!
But how do you get there?  With the same strategies Joe and Larry have used for decades… strategies that can help you jump-start your investing or accelerate your current career to get ahead of the pack.
You’ll learn the “Street-Smart Secrets” Joe and Larry taught when their class had that name.  Because knowing your streets… and knowing how to make smart deals with sellers… is how you become a millionaire.
By the end of the day, you too will have the knowledge and mindset to take advantage of the opportunities in today’s market.  The full day of content includes:
Establishing your direction
  • What’s your goal?  Wholesale, buy-and-hold, retail?  Best areas and properties for your goal
  • The real estate entrepreneur mindset
  • Money: how much it takes, how to borrow it, how to partner with others and share the profit 

Finding opportunities: 102 prospecting techniques
  • Street-smart secrets of the pros 
  • Picking your neighborhoods
  • Driving for dollars
  • Bandit signs (and how to stay out of trouble)
  • Online: Craigslist, other websites, your own site
  • Direct mail: violations, vacants, probate, etc.
  • Working with agents and wholesalers

Creating the deal
  • How to “smoke out” the seller’s motivation
  • Determining the ARV
  • Creative financing techniques (needed today)
  • What are the rehab costs for rental vs. retail?
  • Working with contractors — must-have knowledge!
  • Using the MAO formula vs. the long form
  • Joe’s and Larry’s Acquisition Cost Estimator

Securing the deal
  • Negotiating with homeowners… the two offers to make… the simple contract (you’ll receive one) with the clauses you need
  • Making offers on REOs and short sales
  • Escape clauses (a back door if needed)
  • Proof of funds
  • Migrating a deal from bad to good (Larry’s favorite)
  • Building your capital with seller financing
  • Establishing your credibility

Exiting the deal: what’s best for you 
  • Wholesaling for quick cash
  • Renovating for retail sale
  • Buy and hold for long-term wealth

Joe’s and Larry’s personal forms and documents 
  • Acquisition Cost Estimator
  • Owner Financing Addendum
  • Rehab Cost Estimator
  • Purchase Agreement
  • Assignment of Contract
  • And much more!

PLUS: Your next steps: an action plan to boost your success.

AND: LIVE SELLER CALLS RIGHT IN THE CLASS!  Hear how the pros determine if a potential deal is worth pursuing.

If you’re eager for your first deal — or your next deal — this class is for you!
About your instructors:
Joe DiMaggio, Executive Director of Baltimore REIA, has been in Baltimore real estate full-time since 1987.  He buys, sells, and holds single- and multi-family dwellings for quick chunks of cash or long-term passive income.  His knowledge of and experience with subsidized housing make him one of the top experts in the area.
“Lucky Larry” Blizzard has been a full-time real estate entrepreneur for over 20 years.  He buys, renovates, and sells quality homes, and he holds a sizable portfolio of rental properties in Carroll and Baltimore Counties and Baltimore City.  Larry is known as the “kitchen table negotiator” for developing the fine art of creating fantastic deals with homeowners.  
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Previous attendees can take the class again at a huge discount.
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