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How can you profit from tax sales?  Find out at our next…
Anthony Onwuanibe
Special presentation by Anthony Onwuanibe, 
attorney and tax sale expert 
  Join us at the Sheraton Baltimore North in Towson, Wednesday, April 19, 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. — yes, this Main Event is on a Wednesday 
Be here at 6:30 sharp for the
Newbie Meet & Greet and Chuck’s Rehab Corner (details below). 
FREE admission for Baltimore REIA members.  Just $19 for guests. 
Tax sale season is upon us!  Both Baltimore City and County have tax sales coming up fast.  So do many other counties in Maryland.  What’s it all about, and how can you profit?
Local expert Anthony Onwuanibe will give you an engaging, informative overview of the tax sale process and how you can take advantage of it.  You’ll learn…
  • What a tax sale certificate is
  • When taxes become delinquent 
  • How a tax sale auction works
  • How to calculate a “high bid premium”
  • The details of the bidding process
  • The definition of a “party in interest”
  • How to determine who owns the property
  • How the foreclosure process works, and the timeline for you to take ownership
  • What it all costs
  • How tax liens take precedence over all other liens — good news for you!
  • The risks and how to handle them
  • How to learn more about tax sales in any county in Maryland
About your presenter.  Anthony Onwuanibe is a graduate of the University of Maryland School of Law.  His practice focuses on many areas of real estate, from settlement services (through his title company, Golden Trust Title & Escrow, LLC) to mortgage and tax sale foreclosures.  
Anthony has filed over 1,000 tax sale foreclosure suits in the last 2 years.  He works closely with local municipalities, homeowners, and all types of investors.  He has been featured in the Daily Record, a business and legal newspaper based in Baltimore, as well as several other publications.
Once again, Baltimore REIA brings you an outstanding local expert who knows our market and really knows his stuff.  With tax sales coming up fast, the time to learn about them is now.  See you on Wednesday the 19th! 
Like all of our Main Events, this one is FREE for Baltimore REIA members.
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New to Baltimore REIA?  New to investing?  Join us from 6:30 to 7:00 for our Newbie Meet & Greet.  David Page, our Marketing Director and a veteran investor, will answer any question about the club or about real estate investing.  If David doesn’t know the answer, he’ll help you find someone who does.
Have a question about rehabbing?  Visit the NEW Chuck’s Rehab Corner and tap the wisdom of Chuck Edwards, a rehabber with dozens of projects to his name. 
Take full advantage of our Main Event.  Get the knowledge and networking you need to build wealth.  Bring your business cards — you may find a deal right at this meeting.
Baltimore REIA is an association of investors, for investors.  We’re here for you.  See you soon!


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