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What do you want from real estate investing? 
Extra cash to pay your bills?
The freedom to quit your job?
Wealth to change your life?
Get on the fast track to success with the Baltimore REIA 
This streamlined new program gives you access to your own Personal Mentor, plus group meetings and extra benefits. It’s more affordable than ever, too.

Act now and tell us a little about yourself  so we can see if you and the Inner Circle are a good fit for each other.

You want the cashflow and wealth that real estate investing can bring you — and the success and freedom that come with it.
Maybe you want to wholesale properties for fast paydays of $5,000, $10,000, or more…
…or do rehabs and pocket $20,000 or $30,000 apiece, or even more on a good day… 
…or build a rental property empire that brings you $300 to $500 or more from every house, every month
…or you want to do it all — and do it with other people’s money.
But how can you get the help you need to get started and make fast progress?  
Or maybe you’ve already bought a property or two, but you’re stuck.  How can you get moving again?  
Or maybe you’re doing okay.  But how can you raise your game to a whole new level?
Now there’s an answer: the better-than-ever Baltimore REIA Inner Circle.  It gives you an advantage only Baltimore REIA can provide, because only Baltimore REIA brings you such a team of local experts.
These are people who know not only real estate investing, but also the ups and downs, ins and outs of our regional market…
…people who can help you find the right direction and avoid costly mistakes…
…people who are succeeding where and when you want to succeed: here and now.
Best of all, they’re with Baltimore REIA, an association of investors, for investors.  We’ve been helping each other succeed for more than 25 years.  
Now we’re ready to help you.  
The Inner Circle gives you one-on-one guidance from your own Personal Mentor. 
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Want help developing a real estate investing strategy to meet your goals? 
Want an expert to review your numbers and make sure you haven’t left something out?
Want a second opinion on a deal before you pull the trigger? 
Good news: the Baltimore REIA Inner Circle now gives you access to your own Personal Mentor.  Your mentor will guide your progress… hold you accountable… and gently but firmly urge you to grow and succeed.  You’ll enjoy:  
— An initial strategy session with your Personal Mentor.  You’ll meet face-to-face and determine an Action Plan for moving forward.
— Email and phone access to your Personal Mentor.  You may contact your Mentor as needed, and your Mentor will respond as soon as his or her schedule allows.
— A property visit with your Mentor once a month.  It could be a property you’re thinking about buying… one you’re fixing up but have questions about… or one of your Mentor’s properties to help you learn by example.
— Monthly Inner Circle group meetings.  You and your colleagues will help each other stay on track, learn from each other’s experiences, and get inspired by each other’s successes.  One of the Baltimore REIA Mentors will be there, too, to help answer any questions and offer guidance to overcome challenges.
Want even more benefits?  You’ve got ’em… 
— A year’s membership in Baltimore REIA.  If it’s your first year with us, welcome aboard.  As a member you’ll save on every meeting and every class.  If you’re already a member, we’ll extend your membership for a full year.  Either way it’s a $199 value.
— FREE admission to Saturday workshops.  When Baltimore REIA brings national speakers to town, they typically speak at our Main Event, then hold a workshop on Saturday.  You’ll pay nothing for those Saturday events, a value of up to $69 each.
— Inner Circle name badge.  Wear it with pride!  It shows you’re serious about real estate investing.  And it lets our meeting moderators and class teachers know you’re a special member of Baltimore REIA who deserves their attention.

Attention from other leaders of Baltimore REIA. If you have a question your Mentor can’t answer, you may be referred to another leader in the club. You’ll get preferential attention—after all, you’re in the Inner Circle!

Why you want an expert from Baltimore REIA to be your Personal Mentor.
— We’re local experts who know this market.  A lot of people fall for those slick radio ads and infomercials from national gurus.  Those guys breeze into town, give you a free meeting, then hard-sell you for $20,000 or more in training.
After spending all that money, you may end up talking with some coach in a call center in Utah.  When you ask him about Canton, he thinks you mean the Ohio city with the Pro Football Hall of Fame, not the Baltimore neighborhood near Patterson Park.
With the Baltimore REIA Inner Circle, you’ll always be teamed up with a full-time, local professional — one of the same experts who moderate our meetings and teach our classes.  An expert who knows this market.  
— We’re active investors, walking the walk, not just talking the talk.  Perhaps you’ve contacted some other local organization about mentoring, coaching, masterminding, or whatever they call it.  Before you sign up with someone else, be sure to ask them what deals they’ve done — and when.  
You want a mentor who has done deals for several years and is still doing deals today.  Not a newbie, and not someone whose last deal was 20 years ago.  Make sure your mentor is experienced and currently in the business you want to be in.
Who the Inner Circle is for. 
The Inner Circle is ideal for new investors who want to get real estate investing right — right from the start.  You’ll learn what has worked for others and — just as important — you’ll learn about the expensive mistakes they have made but you will avoid.
It’s also excellent for investors with modest experience who want to explore new strategies, learn from others, and become even more successful.
If you’ve read this far, the Inner Circle is probably right for you.
On top of all that, the Inner Circle is an exceptional value.
As we mentioned above, real estate coaching elsewhere can cost $20,000 to $50,000 or even more.  People often come to us and say something like, “I just spent thirty grand with so-and-so.  Now what do I do?”
We’ve even met people who spent more than $100,000 on real estate education — and hadn’t done a deal!
Stories like that make us sad — and mad.  What good is knowledge without action?  So we created the Inner Circle to help you begin or accelerate a successful investing career.
Before we tell you how much the Inner Circle costs –or perhaps we should say how little (because it’s way, way less than the amounts shown above) — we want to make sure the program is right for you and you’re right for the program. 
Our Mentors’ time is their most precious asset.  They only want to work with people who are serious about succeeding.  If that sounds like you…
Tell us a little about yourself so we can see if you and the Inner Circle are right for each other. Then we’ll get back to you.
Remember, the number of Inner Circle members is limited.  If you want to be one of them, the time to act is now.
P.S.  One more thing the Inner Circle gives you: the Baltimore REIA “Peace of Mind” Promise.  We’ll tell you about it when we talk.