More local experts, more meetings, more discounts—why hundreds of investors have joined us and why you should, too.

There’s no other real estate investment club like Baltimore REIA. What sets us apart is why we have more than 400 members—not “likes” or “followers,” actual paying members! And why hundreds of guests attend our meetings and classes every year.

Our professional team is here for one reason: to help investors like you.

We’re a club of investors, for investors, founded by a local investor more than 25 years ago. Unlike slick speakers who breeze into town, sell you expensive programs, and leave, the folks at Baltimore REIA are always here for you.

Our meeting leaders and class instructors are full-time investors and other professionals. We can help you do deals because we’re doing business every day on the streets of Baltimore and the surrounding region.

Quite simply, we are successful real estate investors teaching others to be the same. No other REIA or investor group offers such a team to help you succeed.  Learn more about who we are.

Monthly meetings, cutting-edge classes, the Inner Circle, and big discounts.

What do you want from real estate investing? Extra cash? The freedom to quit your job? Income for a comfortable retirement—at any age? Baltimore REIA offers the education and networking to help you reach your goal, with savings along the way.

  • Seven meetings to choose from. There’s our flagship Main Event, the Meal ’n’ Deal, four different Strategies Meetings, and a meeting for women. See what’s coming up.

A typical Meal ’n’ Deal Meeting—just one of our seven monthly events.

  • An emphasis on local experts. Other real estate groups depend on bringing in national speakers who sell their expensive packages, then get out of town. While Baltimore REIA sometimes brings in a top speaker, most presentations are by local experts sharing their knowledge. We don’t ask you to dig deep into your wallet every month. 
  • Our own classes and the Inner Circle. When you’re ready to ramp up your knowledge, our experts offer cutting-edge classes on key topics. And if want personal mentoring to help accelerate your success, check out the Inner Circle.
  • Savings at both Home Depot and Lowe’s, plus Realeflow and dozens of other vendors. Only Baltimore REIA gives you such a generous package of discounts. (Lowe’s discount starts January1.)

Where else can you go for knowledge, networking, and savings like these? Nowhere else!

You’ll have the good reputation of Baltimore REIA behind you.

Before you join a real estate group or sign up for mentoring, check it out carefully.

  • Do the group’s meetings have real content to help you get smarter, or are they just chat sessions? 
  • Are the group’s leaders and mentors successful and active investors, or do they just claim to be? When was the last time they did a deal? Ask to see the settlement sheets from some recent deals.
  • What about the group’s advertising? When someone holds up a giant check to show success, was the amount on that check actual profit?

Here at Baltimore REIA, we serve the real estate investor community in the highest ethical and professional manner. That means no exaggerations by us, no false expectations for you. You get the truth about what it takes to succeed.

Go ahead, ask around. People in the know will tell you Baltimore REIA is the place to be.

Your next step: get a FREE PASS to your first meeting. Better still, join Baltimore REIA for as little as $1.