Which Baltimore REIA classes are best for you?

“Start Me Up” gives you a strong foundation in real estate investing.

Bill Fell A 1-day class with veteran investor Bill Fell.  The “Big Dog” of Baltimore REIA immerses you in the numbers of real estate investing.  So you can truly understand your costs… avoid financial pitfalls… open your mind to creative financing… and gain confidence to do deals.  Not a math whiz?  No worries.  Bill gives you a FREE real estate calculator and shows you how to use it.

Perfect for: new investors who want to launch their careers.

Also great for: experienced investors who want to brush up on the basics and gain new ideas.

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“Rehabbing for Big Rewards” helps you earn big profits while avoiding costly pitfalls.


A 2-day class with Chuck Edwards and David Page,  rehabbers of more than 100 houses. The extensive content includes why, where, what, and how to rehab… estimating costs… working with contractors… and much more. Includes important documents. Plus: a visit to properties to put your new knowledge to work. Free bonus: Follow one of Chuck’s or David’s rehabs from start to finish!

Perfect for: newbies who want the rewards of rehabbing, and experienced rehabbers who want tips on how to rehab better for bigger profits.

Also great for: wholesalers who need to know what rehabbers look for, and buy-and-hold investors who want to fix up their properties for higher rents.

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“Millionaire Secrets for Wealth and Cashflow” helps you become a millionaire.

303A 1-day class with two veteran investors, Joe DiMaggio and Larry Blizzard. Want to own a million dollars’ worth of cash-flowing properties? And do wholesaling and rehabbing for extra cash? Take this class and learn how to find and negotiate great deals. Includes live calls with sellers!

Perfect for: new investors taking their first steps on the road to riches.

Also great for: experienced investors who want to raise the level of their game.

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“The Real Estate Rental Cash Machine” helps you build income now and for years to come.

Janet_TonkinsA 1-day class with expert landlord Janet Tonkins.  Learn how to find and evaluate rental properties… fund the growth of your business… boost the income from your properties… and minimize tenant hassles. With a wealth of case studies to bring the lessons alive.

Perfect for: new landlords and those who want to become landlords for passive income.

Also great for: experienced landlords who want to improve their ROI.

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“Smart Tax Strategies” helps you reduce taxes and liabilities.

Jeff-CohenA 1-day class with CPA Jeffrey Cohen. Want to keep more of what you earn and sleep better at night?  Let Jeffrey help you select the right entity, then do business the right way to reduce your taxes and liabilities.  Most of Jeffrey’s clients are real estate investors, so he knows the business.

Perfect for: new investors who need to set up an entity, and experienced investors who may find it prudent to switch entities or create another one.

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“Find That Funding!” helps you find the money to do your deals.

Gary-Kenner KILEYA 1-day class with Gary Kenner and Jack Kiley.  Learn about hard money, soft money, bank financing, and the power of using self-directed IRAs, both yours and other people’s.  Gary is a hard money lender, commercial loan broker, and licensed realtor.  Jack is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified IRA Services Professional (CISP), and partner in MidAtlantic IRA, LLC.  Together they’ll show you the money. 

Perfect for: newbies who want financing for their first deal, and experienced investors who want financing to do more deals.
Also great for: folks who have money to lend and want to learn how it works with real estate.

“Wholesaling for Fast Cash” shows you how to get quick paydays again and again.

Blizzard, TraversA 1-day class with Larry Blizzard and Everson Travers, Jr.  Wholesaling simply means getting a property under contract, then selling that contract to another investor.  You don’t bring any money to closing, you simply walk away with a check. For $5,000… $10,000… even more.  And it happens fast, typically within 30 days.

 Learn the secrets of this strategy from “Lucky Larry” Blizzard, a veteran investor known as the “Kitchen Table Negotiator” for his skill at negotiating terrific deals with homeowners.  Plus Everson Travers, Jr., a full-time wholesaler who has helped multiple wholesalers get their first deals.  
Perfect for: new investors who want a low-risk, quick-pay strategy.
Also great for: experienced investors who sometimes want fast cash.