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This is it: the perfect strategy for any investor who loves a quick payday!
A Concept And Presentation Figure In 3D  
“Wholesaling for Fast Cash”  
Your instructors: local experts
Larry Blizzard and Everson Travers, Jr.  

Saturday, December 10, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Best Western Plus Hotel & Conference Center, 5625 O’Donnell St., Baltimore, MD 21224.

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What is wholesaling?  It simply means getting a property under contract, then selling that contract to another investor.
You don’t bring any money to closing, you simply walk away with a check.  For $5,000… $10,000… even more.  And it happens fast, typically within 30 days. 
That’s why wholesaling is such a great strategy for new investors, as well as pros who like fast cash. 
About your instructors
“Lucky Larry” Blizzard is a veteran investor with 20+ years of experience.  He’s known as the “Kitchen Table Negotiator” for his skill at negotiating terrific deals with homeowners.
Everson Travers, Jr. is a full-time wholesaler who has created automated systems to run his business.  Known as “The Go-Getter Who Gives Back,” Everson has helped multiple wholesalers get their first deals.
Larry and Everson are local experts.  They’re full-time professionals who know our region because they’re on the streets and hunting deals every day.  
You want to learn wholesaling from guys like these… guys who know Canton from Catonsville… who know our neighborhoods block by block… who can teach you to know when a property is a deal or not!  
What you’ll explore in this class
  • The fundamentals of wholesaling — we’ll break it down so you can simply follow the steps.
  • How much you can make on a deal.  We mentioned $5k or $10k above, but it could be $50k or even more!


  • Why wholesaling works for investors at all levels of experience

 What is wholesaling?  It simply means getting a property under contract, then selling that contract to another investor.

  • How to build the team you need to profit consistently
  • How to successfully market for super deals 
  • How to stay in control of your deals — and why you must
  • How to use Virtual Assistants to boost your productivity
  • Building capital with wholesaling to do rehabs
  • The secrets of creating your own cash buyers list
  • Estimating repair costs — a must! — if you don’t know this, you can’t make a smart offer
  • The process of a deal from start to finish — step by step — right in the class
  • The power of relationships with other investors — and how to build those relationships
  • How to make wholesaling a business — not just a hobby (but it’s a money-making hobby if that’s what you’re looking for)
Complete with documents
You’ll receive all the documents you need to get a property under contract and assign (sell) that contract, with minimal cash from you up front, and minimal risk.  You’ll leave the class ready to rock.
PLUS: live calls to sellers!
How do you talk to a seller to get a property under contract?  We’ll show you exactly how with live calls to real leads, right in the class.  Just follow the example of Larry and Everson, and you’ll be negotiating with confidence right out of the gate.  
You get the whole deal on wholesaling 
Larry and Everson hold back nothing in this class.  You’ll learn exactly how they make huge assignment fees in record speed… you’ll have the documents they use… you’ll even hear how they talk to sellers.

Why would these guys share their knowledge?  Because there are enough deals out there for all of us… including you… but only if you attend this class.

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If you took the class before, take it again for half-price!


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